Four Paths Forward For the Libertarian Movement

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A "mostly peaceful" conversation with ANTIFA | Revenant Republic Report

July 20, 2021 / Thomas Hicks
Filmed on July 17th, 2021, where ANTIFA had gathered outside of Wi Spa in Los Angeles, California. Recently, Wi Spa allowed a transgender man to reveal himself in the spa's women's section, leading to public backlash and demonstrations against the spa's decision. ANTIFA, and presumably other allied movements, gathered in support of the spa and moved against any perceived counter-protestors.<br><br> Two weeks prior, ANTIFA gathered at the same location and was involved in a bloody exchange with religious counter-protestors. Videos taken that day show ANTIFA bashing a man's head with a skateboard and chasing down reporters whom they presume to be their enemy. ANTIFA is known to stalk, physically assault, and even attempt to murder those who openly oppose them.<br><br> While it may seem ridiculous to take these people seriously, what must be remembered is that those displayed in this video are mere, to quote Vladimir Lenin, "useful idiots." It is big tech, big media, and politicians who continue to actively subvert the American people with a Marxist doctrine, allowing ANTIFA to proliferate. Twitter removes the account of a sitting president but allows countless local ANTIFA chapters to maintain accounts, despite constant threats of violence against other groups and specific individuals. The left-wing media continue to insist that January 6th was the biggest threat to "democracy" in the history of America while never daring to whisper the word "ANTIFA". During the 2020 presidential debates, Joe Biden said ANTIFA was just an idea. Shortly after the riots that erupted after the death of George Floyd, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took to social media to help raise money for Unicorn Riot, a far-left media outlet with open ties to ANTIFA.<br><br>

Inside George Floyd Square | Revenant Republic Report

July 12, 2021 / Thomas Hicks
In the early 1950s, Czechoslovakian Communist Jan Kozak wrote a manual that demonstrated how a representative government could be transformed into a communist dictatorship. Kozak explained how the communists in Czechoslovakia used a strategy of applying pressure “from above” and “from below” to seize power without firing a single shot. According to Kozak, pressure from above is the pressure exerted by the state in the form of policies and legislation that expands the power of government. Pressure from below is the pressure exerted by revolutionary movements that appear to be backed by public support. Pressure from below in the form of strikes, demonstrations, and even threats is used to justify the centralization of power in the hands of the state. These two pressures combined were used in Czechoslovakia to usher in a communist regime legally.<br><br> Under the pretext of “social justice,” socialist politicians in the United States continue to usurp power. Any opposition to the big-government agenda is labeled as “racist” and discredited by the left-wing media. This pressure from above is coupled with pressure from below in the form of demonstrations and riots conducted by Marxist revolutionary movements. Under the guise of fighting racism, radical leftists have rioted, looted, and taken over entire city blocks within the United States. Rather than condemn an illegal insurrection, politicians continue to fan the flames of racial hatred and use identity politics to divert attention away from the real problems facing the American Republic.<br><br> Revenant Republic has obtained exclusive footage from within "George Floyd Square," an ongoing occupation of East 38th street and Chicago in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the time of this video recording on the dates of May 24th and 25th, politicians had ignored and even condoned the illegal insurrection for almost a year. Our video footage shows proof of pressure from below in the form of footage of the occupation as well as man-on-the-street interviews of Marxist revolutionaries and useful idiots. This footage is contrasted with pressure from above in the form of politicians who essentially support the revolutionaries' demands. In the name of "fighting" racism and white supremacy, Marxist pressures exerted from above and from below threaten to destroy America's history, police, and borders.<br><br> Watch the footage yourself and decide if there is indeed pressure from above and pressure from below. You alone will be the judge, and you alone will be the jury. Revenant Republic guarantees that the footage is authentic and undoctored.<br><br>